Tement Südsteiermark
Wine along
the line
Ried Zieregg
Here and not there, this and not that

We love wine and the region we live in. It gives our work shape, draws a line, defines who we are and even more: who we are not. For decades now Tement wine has always been shaped by the diverse characters of this family as well as the power and beauty of a special stretch of land, while always following a precise line. 

Family - the sum of its parts

Families are about solidarity but are also the sum of their individuals. Our family thrives together because of its differences, however people that need each other need space just as much to grow. Tradition is as important as change. Those who merely continue their ancestors path, without questioning it, stay spellbound, unable to ever see with their own eyes.

Armin Tement Careful winemaker
Stefan Tement Practical philosophist
Manfred Tement Winemaker and Pioneer
Heidi Tement Passionate host
Monika Tement Strong voice to the exterior
Familie Tement Four generations of wine
We are not born into an empty space. We always have to deal with what’s been here before.
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Making wine
means understanding
To be born into a family like this comes with a lot of responsibility. For the land stretch we were entrusted with and also the people we live and work with day in and day out. A lot of it is teamwork, some is personal. It’s about trust - the trust we have in ourselves and that others put on us. That takes you to your edges every now and then. You can feel it in those moments when it would be better to say “no” instead of always “yes”. This regards the winemaking just as much as our personal life. Therefor there are clear rules in the cellar and the vineyards. Borders we don’t want to overstep. And we shouldn’t. But we also must never stop questioning them. Making wines means understanding and being one with nature and its uniqueness.
Where there are no boundaries, the randomness begins. It is about identifying differences in everything.
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Borderline experiences
The attraction of curiosity
Having borderline experiences is an important drive for development and growth. Borders are not only limits but also include the possibility of crossing them. There is the attraction of curiosity, the doubt and the urge to check out the other side. Sometimes you might feel like it’s best to step back and follow the tried and trusted instead. The same goes with technical developments in winemaking. They are helpful for sure but could also be distracting when working with something as beautiful as nature. Craft is progress, and in all of that it’s important to find a balance between the modern and the old-fashioned world, that after all is built on centuries old knowledge.
Borders determine our self-perception. They are important to understand who you are. To get there you have to understand who you’re not
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Foundation research
Knowing who you are
I was 16 when I took over a farm with only 2 hectares. Since then a lot of things have changed. What stayed was the deeply rooted wish to go to the bottom of things. You could call this my mission in life: foundation research. Doing that I am happy to question old borders, renew them if need be, throw them over board entirely in other occasions. Where you draw lines - build borders - is about what you think you are capable of and also what others expect from you. How much you can cope with on the inside and how much you can advocate for on the outside.
Borders are the invention of humankind. In the moment of joy, these lines are invisible for both us and our guests.
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Pleasure is infinite
Wine and a good life go hand in hand. No wonder that it was easy for us to go from being winemakers to being hosts. Starting up the “Winzarei” was a dream come true for me. All my love and hard work was put into this project. Something so profoundly me, so honestly my idea of a life interveined with wine. I couldn’t care less on which side of the border. When it comes to hospitality and pleasure there are no borders. Pleasure is infinite. A fact that makes me very happy.
Without the distinction of other ideas, a great idea can’t be thought, let alone conveyed.
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Wines that are touching
We work on vineyards on both sides of the border. We treat them equally and change only for the matter of soil or grapes, on however they need to be treated. What counts is the passion we put into every single detail of our work. It makes the difference, puts the wine first. Of course we could take the easy route, but that’s not who or how we are. We want our wines to be touching. You can’t do that without taking risks.
As a family our biggest strength lays in our diversity.
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Four generations of wine
For many years we have been living in this particular place, that is so familiar yet keeps surprising us. With our work we helped shape and even left a stamp on this stretch of land. All that with the cautiousness and sense of responsibility of somebody who was born and raised right here.

Crossing Borders

Political borders don’t affect our daily work. We work our vineyards with the same love and care on both sides of the border. That should go without saying, since the microclimatic conditions are just perfect for Sauvignon Blanc here and there. The soils of the vineyards “Zieregg” and “Ciringa” (slovenian name for “Zieregg”) provide our main grape variety with an elegant mineral character.

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Weingut Tement



« IZ » is more than just trying to expand our range. It is the pure concentration of the terroir Zieregg.

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Marco Franzelin

He is sommelier, passonate football fan but has a lot more to say.

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Sonja Rauch

Ein Gespräch über Grenzen. Über die eigenen, die der anderen und den spannende Raum dazwischen.

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